Things to do in Mompiche

Our top priority here at The Mudhouse is to provide our guests with exceptional personalized service to help make your visit to Mompiche a truly unforgettable experience.  We will be happy to assist you with information on activities and schedule any tours or classes for you.  Scroll down for a sampling of activities available.

Surf in Mompiche - The Mudhouse Hostel

Surf classes

Mompiche has one of the most famous surf breakpoints in South America.

Enjoy a surf lesson from one of Mompiche´s very own champion-surfers.

Board Rentals also available.

Jungle Tours Mompiche - The Mudhouse Hostel

Jungle tours

Spend a morning in our bordering rainforest reveling in the spectacular flora & fauna with Ramon, our very own local resident guide.  Ramon has been hailed by all as the most passionate and knowledgeable guide.  His tours are a must-do when visiting Mompiche.

Horseback riding Mompiche - The Mudhouse Hostel

Horseback riding in Mompiche

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon ride down the beach on one of Fabiola´s magestic horses.  Request to swim with your horse at the conclusion of your tour.  It´s an unforgettable experience!

All proceeds benefit Fabiola´s rescued animals at the Refugio Animal Mompiche.

Mangrove Boat Tours

The mangroves are an ecosystem incredibly rich in biodiversity, home to numerous at-risk species who provide invaluable benefits to the ecosystem and thereby to the health of the planet.

In Mompiche, excursions offer you the opportunity to observe the richness of nature and view species of animals and plants that exist within the protecion of the mangroves.

Whale Watching

June to September

From Mompiche, take a whale watching tour and witness the incredible anual migration of Humpback whales and their new born calves as they swim through the warm waters of coastal Ecuador, often followed by scores of curious dolphins.

Boat trips to Jupiter Island

(c) La Geprguia

Jupiter Island is a true gift of nature where you can view various species of fish in the clear, calm, crystalline waters.  The island is perfect for walking, swimming, or just relaxing.

The island is reached by boat from Isla Portete in 5 minutes.

Deep Sea Fishing with Local Fishermen

Pueblo de pescadores en Ecuador
(c) Sol Funk

Ask a fishermen on Mompiche’s main beach to join his group out in the high seas.  Fishing is the main economy of Mompiche, along with tourism.  There is no better way to discover a country than experiencing real local life of it’s inhabitants.  Learn to recognize different fish species, and find out what life is like for a fisherman in Ecuador.

Kayak Rental and Paragliding on Portete Island

kayak rental MompicheFrom Mompiche, in less than 10 minutes on a motorcycle taxi plus another 3 minutes by boat, arrive at the tranquil beach of Isla Portete, the island of countless palm trees.  In addition to the soft sand and the shade of the palms, enjoy a cocktail or plate of fresh fish at one of the many kiosks adorning the beach.  Kayak rentals and paragliding are also offered.

“Playa Negra”  Our Famous Metallic, Black-Sand Beach

Mompiche black beach - Playa negra - EcuadorJust 5 minutes by motorcycle taxi or a 40 minute walk, discover our famous black-sand beach.  One of the few beaches in the world with a black, metalic sand, silky to the touch and a magnificent sight for the eyes.  Stroll along the beach at low tide and check out the cave and the various tide pools for oysters.

Tide Pool Exploration

Mompiche - crab on the BeachThe many meters of distance between the rise of the high tide and the falling away of the low tide is rather astounding.  Due to the geography of Mompiche’s beach, up to 50 meters of beach and rocks can appear as the ocean creeps out during low tide, creating the perfect opportunity to examine what was the ocean floor just minutes before and observe the animal species among the rocks.

Therapeutic massages by Michaela

masajes MompicheRelax after a surf session or a walk in the surrounding countryside, relieve body aches, or set yourself up for a nap on the beach or in a hammock.

Spanish classes

clases de español MompicheAny traveler will tell you: speaking and understanding the language changes the entire dynamics of travel because it allows you to really get to know people, to create friendships, to learn about the culture and discover in a completely new way the place you visit.  The Ecuadorian population is known for being very open and friendly so do not miss out on experiencing it.

And more…

Sunset - Mompiche, EcuadorThere are many tours around Mompiche and in the Esmeraldas region.  Ecuador has the peculiarity of offering varied landscapes and climates all within a short distance from one another, thanks to the generosity of Mother Earth.  On the mainland, the air or underground, you will always find something to fill your days of exploration.  Enjoy your vacation in Mompiche!

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