Mompiche, Ecuador


Looking for tranquility, friendly people, and gorgeous beaches?  Mompiche is a small, authentic fishing village located in northern Ecuador´s lush coastal providence of Esmeraldas.

Eduador’s famous surf Breakpoint and beaches

Resting on a 40-mile crescent-moon bay, the main beach is more than 7km long and has one of the most famous surf breakpoints in South America.  Every year it attracts numerous surfers and travelers from around the world.  For beginning surfers, Mompiche is a perfect place to learn (classes and board rentals available year-round) as there are waves for all ability levels.

Whales, bioluminescent plancton, black sand… the extravanant side of life is around here

Aside from being an optimal setting to relax and unwind, treat yourself to a whale-watching excursion (June-September) or take a dip at night in the warm Pacific waters beautifully lit with florescent plankton.  Visit the nearby picturesque Isla Portete, an island just 10 minutes away with no more than a few homes, miles of pristine coastline, coconut palms and peace.  From Mompiche, take a short walk to a stunning black-sand beach.  Also, a visit to Mompiche is not complete without a guided tour of the bordering Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve.  Breathe the clean forest air while observing monkeys, toucans, parrots, iguanas, waterfalls and much more.  Horseback rides are available along the beach and through the surrounding mountains.  Sample delicious Esmeraldeña cuisine and immerse yourself in the richness of the Afro-Ecuadorian culture of Esmeraldas.  

An exceptional climate

Mompiche is nestled in a lush tropical rainforest joined to the sea.  During high-season, from December to March, Mompiche dazzles us with drenching rain alternating with blue skies and warming sunshine and let´s not forget… waves! In general, we have an exceptional climate.  Cool, comfortable temperatures and warm ocean water.  Please note, the word “tropical” is synonymous with mosquitos so don´t forget your repellent.  But not to worry, all beds at The Mudhouse Hostel in Mompiche come equipped with mosquito nets.

Leisure and fun

Surfing, surf lessons, board rentals, swimming, jungle tours, horseback riding, whale-watching excursions, hiking, biking, kayak rentals, leisurely walks along our stunning beaches, browse & shop along the roadside where both local and traveling artists are exhibiting their wares.  Take a boat tour of the mangroves and Isla Jupiter.  There are a variety of restaurants to please your palate:  seafood, ceviche, pizza, Italian, yummy greasy street food, coffee shops, pastries and ice cream.  For nightlife, don´t miss a visit to the Goodvibes Bar or nestle up next to a beach bonfire and sing along to the live music someone is bound to be providing.

qGetting to Mompiche, Ecuador

Mompiche is a bit off the beaten path so traveling here can be somewhat of an adventure, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed.


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